Harps Available for Purchase

A number of beautiful used harps in different sizes are available for purchase. All have been kept in a humidity and temperature controlled home. Located in New England, CT/RI shoreline.

As of August 2021:

Kortier Trinity College wire strung replica

Rees custom built Aberdeen Meadows with cherry blossom soundboard, case (posting soon)

Salvi Diana, strung in concert gut

Thompson fiberglass (pre 1960)

Triplett Avalon Fully Bladed wire strung with pick up

Stoney End Double Strung Eve with deluxe case and legs SOLD 7/21

Noteworthy “County Kerry” by Jeffrey Gaynor fully levers in natural walnut

Blevins “Bouree” carbon fiber hybrid (spruce soundboard) with pick up (low F)

Salvi Diana

This gorgeous Salvi Diana is in excellent condition, regulated March 2021

Height 74”
Width 39 1/2”
Weight 88 lbs
Extreme Soundboard Width 21 1/2” Range 47 strings,
0Oct.G-7th Oct.C
Fiemme Valley red spruce

Exquisite Triplett Avalon with full blades

Fully bladed wire strung custom made Avalon in perfect condition, includes stand and padded bag



12 lbs

26 Strings

Sound file available here: https://triplettharps.com/avalon-26-wire.php


Internal Pickup

Trinity College Clairseach Replica

Wire strung Trinity College replica made by David Kortier in custom case

Read about his process here: http://www.kortier.com/subpages/trinity.htm


Available Now

sandy@odeharper.com for photos and details.